Hair Color Experts at One of the Top Hair Salons in Charlotte, North Carolina are Ready to Help You Achieve Your Fall Style


The fall season is quickly approaching, which means that many people are ready to swap their blonde summer highlights for darker, richer hair tones. While countless numbers of women and men have already decided upon coloring their hair for the new season, full of holiday parties and family functions, some of them are torn between two options: purchasing a box of hair dye at the local convenience store, or having their hair professionally colored at a hair salon in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Although the idea of purchasing a $10 or $20 box of hair dye from the drugstore down the road seems to be the most cost-effective method to creating a new hair color, there are a few concerns that need to be considered before putting that hair dye kit into your shopping cart. Instead of risking your hair’s health by using one of these color kits that may not even deliver your desired results, you should consult with the hair color experts at Paul Beauné NY Salon.

Hair Color Experts in Charlotte, North Carolina

Paul Beauné NY Salon is one of the top hair salons in Charlotte, North Carolina, and offers high-quality hair coloring services that will leave you feeling confident, and ready to take on fall. If you are wondering why it is beneficial to have one our expert stylists professionally color your hair, we are here to offer you some points to consider.

Benefit #1: Years of Education and Experience

One of the greatest benefits of having your hair professionally colored is knowing that the stylist who is creating your new look has had years of education and experience in the industry. Hairstylists—especially those specializing in hair color techniques—usually have years of schooling to their names, and are also professionally licensed. Not only have these hair color experts received an education from a formal beauty school, but most of the time these stylists have been mentored by senior hair stylists in their respective salons, helping them become experts at their craft.

When you have your hair professionally colored at a hair salon in Charlotte, North Carolina, you are also able to consult with your stylist about what tones may look best with your eyes and skin. Hair color experts like those at Paul Beauné NY Salon can help you determine whether the color you desire is too red, blue, dark, or light for your skin tone, and can specially mix color to give your hair different hues and lots of dimension—all you have to do is sit back, relax, and be ready to show off your new look.

On the other hand, if you purchase a box of hair dye in an attempt to get salon-quality hair, you may be in for a less-than-pleasant experience. First of all, you may not be as knowledgeable as the professionals who color hair day-in and day-out. These experts are well-educated on product chemistry and the art of correctly applying these hair color products. Even though boxed kits come with instructions, you still might not be able to achieve your desired look due to the lack of experience applying color, and not having the proper knowledge to correctly select the shade or product type that pairs best with your hair’s natural chemistry, tone, and texture.

Benefit #2: Definition and Dimension

You may have recently seen a picture of your favorite celebrity or public figure whose hair style is full of rich tones, lots of definition, and dimension that looks completely natural, and you would like nothing more than to achieve that exact same look. Another benefit to having your hair professionally colored at Paul Beauné NY Salon is that our team of experts can create custom hair colors that mirror or closely resemble those styles being displayed all throughout your go-to fashion magazines. Along with this, our hair color experts can also mix multiple different tones to apply to your hair, which gives your locks a natural look full of volume and dimension.

However, if you decide to use a box kit instead of having your hair professionally colored at a hair salon in Charlotte, NC, your color palette and chances of achieving definition and dimension are limited. Most boxed hair color kits only come with one shade in each package. By only using a single color, your hair will most likely look flat, and nothing like the style you have been eyeing on page 7 of your favorite magazine.

Benefit #3: Access to Professional-Grade Hair Color

Another wonderful benefit of having your hair professionally colored at our salon in Charlotte, NC, is knowing that top-of-the-line products are being used to create your desired color and style. Paul Beauné NY Salon uses natural product lines like Aveda, and gentle color products from Goldwell to help you achieve rich, lustrous locks for the fall season. Professional-grade color products help rejuvenate hair, and the Goldwell line can even assist in restoring lipids.

Unlike salon-quality hair color products, boxed hair colors often contain chemicals like ammonia that leave your hair dry, and susceptible to unnecessary amounts of breakage. Instead of revitalizing your hair and restoring lipids, drugstore hair color kits essentially strip the health from your hair. Even if you are able to create your desired hair color from one of these boxed kits, the continued use of these damaging, chemically-laden color products—some of which even contain less-than-desirable additives like parabens—may lead to brittle, unhealthy hair over time.

Consulting Paul Beauné NY Salon’s Color Experts

If you have decided that you want to bypass the boxed color and experience the benefits of having your hair professionally colored by one of the top salons in Charlotte, North Carolina, all you have to do is give Paul Beauné NY Salon’s team of hair stylists a call today! We are ready to help you create your lustrous fall style that will keep your hair looking natural and healthy throughout the season.