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HairDreams Extensions

Get the gorgeous
, thick and volume-packed hair style trending now. Improve your style with our high quality human hair extensions for a natural look.

  • Experience the excitement and fascinating possibilities with completely natural hair extensions systems.
  • Do you love the beautiful hair seen in your favorite magazines and movies? Often it’s achieved using hair extensions?
  • At Paul Beauné NY Salon, we use a healthy-hair and natural-look philosophy for achieving great results.
  • We offer different types of systems.
  • A consultation will provide enough information to make the best decision on the desired look and style for you.

Hairdreams Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Charlotte NC Hairdreams

Hair Extensions Charlotte NC Hairdreams

Hair Extensions

If you want longer, fuller hair with plenty of volume, then you want Hairdreams hair extensions.

  • Quickly Change Your Look
  • Many unique Hairdreams hair extensions to match what you have in mind
  • Your stylist can help you decide what best fits your needs
  • Creative approaches to enhance your appearance
  • Volume near the root of your hair
  • Tonality for fine hair
  • Thicken and lengthen
  • Creative styling
  • Applied comfortably and removed gently

Whatever type of hair, its length or cut, Hairdreams hair extensions can help you achieve your ideal hair style.

Hairdreams Hair Tape-Ins

Hair Tape-Ins Charlotte NC Hairdreams

Hair Tape-Ins Charlotte NC Hairdreams

Hairdreams Tape-Ins

If you are in love with hair that is luxurious, thick, and natural but does not take hours to get at the salon, then you will love Hairdreams Quikkies Tape-In extensions.

  • Changing your hairstyle frequently
  • Trying trendy new styles
  • Asymmetric hair styles
  • Fine hair that is difficult to style
  • Adding length and volume to your natural hair
  • Made from the finest quality human hair, attached to self-adhesive strips made from ultra-light microfiber gauze.
  • Gentle on your hair, can be installed quickly, and are a stylish solution to your hair problems or creative streak.
  • Flexible, durable, and they conform to the shape of your head.
  • The tape-in hair extensions system ensures that the hair will lay right and look completely natural.
  • The best part about choosing Quikkies is there ease in application because they do not require any special tools and take very little time to apply.
  • Quikkies come in a variety of colors, including extra-fine two-color strands for the most natural color effects.
  • Reusable for one to two months.

Human Hair Attachment System

Human Hair Salon Charlotte NC

Human Hair Salon Charlotte NC

Human Hair Attachment System

Human Hair Attachment System is a technique that has been proven for over fifty years to benefit thinning hair and those suffering from hair loss.

  • A customized attachment system for any head of hair and provides total comfort and ease of wearing.
  • Cannot be used for those with no hair, but it is great for any type of hair, no matter the amount of natural hair.
  • Conforms to the shape of your head
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Flat and flows into natural hair
  • Matches the color variations of your natural hair
  • This hair extensions system has continued to be a dependable and reliable way to achieve the thickness and hair length you want with the daily care requirements of your natural hair.
  • Add length and volume to your natural hair.

If you are someone who suffers from hair loss, thin or patchy hair, and are searching for a natural solution the Healthy Hair Attachment System can open opportunities for you.

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