The hair loss specialist at Paul Beanue’s NY Salon in Charlotte can help both men and women recognize the signs and understand the causes of hair loss. 

Over the last few months, you have been noticing that your hair is thinning:  large chunks of hair are falling out at one time, and you are even seeing some areas of your scalp beginning to bald.  Maybe it’s something as simple as seeing a few extra strands of hair tangled in your brush.

You may be thinking, “Is this something I should worry about?”

If you are wondering how to stop this hair loss, there are a few things you should know.  First, that it is normal for both men and women to lose anywhere from 50-100 hairs each day.  Our hair growth salon experts believe that you should not worry as long as these hairs appear to be growing back, and not leaving any patchy areas behind.


Secondly, if you are losing more hair than you believe to be normal, you must be able to identify the causes of hair loss.


  1. Do you use styling tools like curling or flat irons that deliver high levels of heat directly to your hair? If so, you should know that applying excess amounts of heat to your hair leads to breakage and hair loss.  Along with excessive heat, our hair growth salon recommends not pairing your heat-dispensing styling tools with teasing combs to create hairstyles, as this will only lead to increased breakage.  Fortunately, hair loss due to styling techniques is one of the simplest ones to solve when it comes to hair restoration.


  1. Another cause of hair loss in both men in and women to consider involves starting a new medication. If you have recently started taking a new prescription or over-the-counter supplement, you may notice that you are shedding more frequently, or that larger chunks of your hair are falling out.  Although drug treatments like chemotherapy are some of the most widely-recognized causes hair loss, you should also take note if you seem to be having increased breakage or hair loss upon starting a new seemingly-harmless medicine.


  1. Along with medications, hormonal fluctuations—especially in women—is one of the leading causes of hair loss. Pregnancy, menopause, and other hormonal imbalances could be the reason that your hair appears to be thinning.


  1. Also, certain diseases can lead to hair loss. A lack of iron in the diet (anemia) and autoimmune diseases can cause hair to fall out in large chunks.  Diabetes and issues with your thyroid gland can even contribute to new or increased hair loss.  Even a scalp infection can cause you to lose larger amounts of hair than normal.


  1. Finally, the most common cause of hair loss is due to genetic factors. Was your great uncle Charles bald at age 40?  Can you remember hearing your mother complaining about large chunks of her hair falling out?  If so, hair loss may just be in your genetic code.


However, if you are experiencing any signs of hair loss that may be related to these causes mentioned above, rest easy.  Our hair growth salon at Paul Beaune’s NY Salon has the tools to help you restore your hair, and our hair restoration services are painless, simple, and effective in stopping hair loss in both men and women.

If the frequency of your shedding increases, or these shedding follicles stop producing new hair growth, you should consider setting up a consultation with one of our hair loss specialist for a HairCheck or Capillascope test.  These two tests can help our hair growth consultants determine if you can benefit from laser therapy for hair restoration at our Charlotte salon.

The handheld HairCheck device is a good first step in diagnosing why hair loss may be occurring.  Our hair restoration specialists hold the device up to a section of your hair to see if you have breakage or damage due to the use of heat styling tools, hairstyling chemicals, medications, aging, allergies, autoimmune diseases, recent weight loss, surgery, etc.

Along with the HairCheck device, our hair loss specialist use the Capillascope test to determine if the causes of hair loss are due to genetics.  This test allows our hair restoration consultants to see if your hair is cycling down, assess the overall condition of your scalp, and—if you have already started treating the causes of your hair loss with laser therapy at our salon—track the progress of hair restoration.

If you think that your hair loss or thinning is due to any of causes listed above, and you would like to set up a consultation with one of Paul Beaune’s hair restoration specialist to see if you can benefit from HairCheck, Capillascope testing, and laser therapy for hair regrowth, click on the link below.  Our hair growth salon professionals are here to help you regain a healthy head of hair, and the confidence that comes along with it.