Your wedding is quite possibly the most important day in your life. You’ve got an entire stressful ceremony to plan for, and on top of that, you’re expected to look more beautiful than you ever have before.

Difficult? Sure. Impossible? No way! With a little help, you can find the best wedding hairstyles that brings out all of your natural beauty and blows the groom (and guests) right out of his socks! Along with an amazing dress, your hair will make you the talk of the entire town.

Just keep reading to discover some of the absolute best hairstyles to rock at your wedding!

Making Waves

best wedding hairstyleFor a bride, a wedding isn’t just another ceremony. Instead, it’s an opportunity to be the heroine in your own romantic story. Why not get the look of the gals on the cover of your favorite romantic novels with some artistic waves?

Combining a mixture of waves that are up and waves that are down gives you the look of a natural leading lady who is waiting to be swept up off her feet. For the maximum effect, make sure you find some salons that carry Kerastase so you can rock the perfect conditioner!

Swept Hair

Aside from the dress (of course), your hair is the most important part of the wedding. If you want to accessorize your hair with something like a tasteful hair band, consider wearing a side swept hair look for the big ceremony.

This look has a lot going for it. In an age of complex hair, it is refreshingly simple, and it helps your natural beauty really stand out. And the correct use of products such as Aveda hair sprays will make sure your hair is the perfect frame for your beautiful face!

The Bounce

Everything old is new again! What was “retro” yesterday is “couture” today, which is why you should consider pairing a bouncing blowdry and a side sweep. This is your chance to take your parents’ style and give it a fresh new twist!

A good Kerastase salon treatment can help give your hair the perfect level of gloss to pull this look off. And for those with longer hair, this is the perfect opportunity to flaunt what you’ve got on your big day. Trust us: after the ceremony, everyone will be scrambling to channel your cute retro chic!

Wispy Wedding

Every girl knows that perfect hair is a bit of a paradox. After all, you have to put in a lot of work to look like you just rolled out of bed (while still looking amazing, of course). If you want to really go for it, consider pairing a traditional bridal updo with some artistic wisps of hair falling over your face.

You may need to visit the Aveda Salon Charlotte to pull this look off, but it’s totally worth it. The correct use of Aveda gel can give you that elusive perfect look: the supermodel who just woke up!

The Side Part

Many of the ideas on here involve the traditional wedding updo. However, if you’ve never really stood for tradition, you might consider rocking some soft, side-parted waves instead! And finding the right Kerastase conditioner will bring this look together quite flawlessly.

The final result of this hairstyle is that you look like the “girl next door.” It’s a beautiful and natural look, and it also instantly puts the wedding party at ease by showing them that you haven’t taken yourself too seriously over the years and you’re not going to start now!

Crimping Your Style?

There’s a reason that thrift shops are so popular with young people. There’s something exciting about taking yesterday’s look and turning it into tomorrow’s must-have fashion. That’s one reason why we’ve got a real “outside the box” suggestion: crimped hair at the wedding!

Now, this hairstyle is a really bold move, so don’t try to pull it off on your own. Go find the Aveda salon Charlotte and let them work their heat prep magic on your hair. You can top this unorthodox look off with some hair bands that provide good contrast and help add some new zing to this old-school look.

A Braided Belle

Plenty of girls shy away from a braided look because they think it’s too constraining. However, it’s possible to have it both ways. For your wedding, consider mixing a traditional braided updo with some nice and flowing locks on the bottom.

Sure, it may take some Kerastase hairspray to get the perfect look, but this gives you perfect, elegant control over your hair on the top while letting your lower locks run wild and free. This gives your appearance a pleasant dose of playfulness while still giving you a lot of control over your hair.

A Lot On Your Plait

As we’ve said, your hair and your dress are the most important parts of your wedding appearance. Each one should enhance the look of the other. If you’ve got a dress that is sporting a low back, then you should consider putting your hair in a loose, plaited look that you tie together with a stylish bow.

This helps draw attention to the back of the dress while also framing your face with a very engaging and natural look. This gives you what every girl wants: the chance to rock really beautiful hair without having to worry about the hair during the ceremony itself!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read this, you know all about the hottest hairstyles to rock at your wedding. However, you also know that making these styles work means you’re going to have to get a little help!

That’s where we come in. At Paul Beaune, we offer the best hair styling services and products in all of Charlotte. Don’t settle for just another wedding; come visit us today to see how we can help you find the look that’s perfect for the most important day in your life!