Curls, braids, hair jewelry, short and carefree, long and versatile, down, up or with stray tendrils peeking out under the “messy bun” of a royal wedding veil, hairstyle options are as varied as the people who request them. The fashion runway in early 2018 was every bit as exciting as the designer trends, and we’ve taken inspiration from “real people” as well as the stars to compile a list of favorites.

Done well, they’re all attractive. Whether you’re currently in your 20s or your 50s (or several years on either side), chances are good that you can find a new look — or a new length — to carry you into a new season.

This might just be your year for experimentation. At Paul Beaune, we’ll help you find a new expression to suit you! Here are some of the best cuts and trending styles for each generation.

Twenties Tweaks

For 20-somethings, it’s all about the face! At this age, you have every right to be fanciful when it comes to hair. Go with the length that you love. But change the length to suit your mood! Your hair will grow; and the bonus is that as it grows, you have the chance to try out new hair personalities, and maybe even new colors, at every stage from pixie to shoulder length or longer. Try a swingy short bob or a wavy shoulder length. Go for long, straight and shiny. Embrace bounce curls. Find out if you’re suited for a braid, for the shaggy, windblown look, a glamorous updo, or that now-famous messy bun!

There’s no doubt, of course, that a length that gives you some choices is more flexible than a really short cut; but if short is your preference, there’s always the option to add extensions or clips, or to go wild with color. The best colorists in Charlotte, NC, are at Paul Beaune.

Hairstyles of 2018

Thrilling Thirties

Most women in this age group are busy, either with career or family or both! Hairstyles that are attractive and easy to maintain, that showcase a healthy head of hair and don’t require more than a few minutes of “fussing” daily are the most requested, and for good reason.

Your starting point should be what nature provided — straight, wavy, or naturally curly; then consider texture, color and comfortable as well as beautiful. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

We understand that it’s not always easy to choose a hairstyle. But, once again, your decision to go short, medium or long, has more to do with you than with what’s trending. If you love longer hair, there are many style icons to emulate, including Duchesses Kate and Meghan, who both look equally great with long, flowing tresses, upswept twists, and casual ponytails.

Simple, shoulder-length cuts, with or without wispy bangs are perennially popular with women in their 30s, and almost universally flattering, no matter what shape of face you have. This length also offers great flexibility, but the magic comes from a good cut. If your hair moves with you, no matter where you move — from a board meeting to a the tennis court — it will look good and inspire confidence.

Flirtatious Forties

There is a lingering perception that 40-something women should look for a more “mature” look. While that may be a generalization, longer pixie cuts, fuller classic bobs, and swingy longer bobs that give the impression of “more hair” are often a perfect solution, especially for very fine, or thinning hair.

But, once again, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with breaking a few “rules.” United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and First Lady Melania Trump are both style setters as well as prime examples of women who march to the beat of their own drum, and tend to defy the age-appropriate norm. There are many others!

We do have some suggestions, however, for 40-something clients. At Paul Beaune, we believe that maturity can be very appealing, and that there is no age limit to sexy. We love sassy, bouncy short-to-medium-length bobs on women in their forties. These are easy-to-maintain cuts; they boost confidence and still have the flexibility to go from office to party with little effort. They also withstand a full day of non-stop activity and look good enough for a dinner date with your partner.

Layered bobs — no matter what the actual length, are trendy and stand up well to weather extremes. With layers to frame the face and simple waves to add softness, these classic cuts are suitable for most hair, and most face shapes, and we think they’re perfect for today’s 40-something women.

Fabulous Fifties

Side swept bangs and ear-length asymmetrical bobs are what we consider great styles for groovy older women. Simply take a cue from your style icons — you can’t miss with the classy cuts they embrace — long, short or in between.

Another look we love stems from the allure of streaks and highlights. There is something appealing about the suggestion of maturity that a few strands of grey can create. If you choose to let nature add your highlights, we at Paul Beaune will support you 100 percent.

If, on the other hand, you want to give nature a little jolt, our colorists have the tools and the expertise to enhance your hair and face in the best possible way, with tawny, red or blonde highlights. For a bolder look, imagine the fun of having a few wayward strands of pink, blue or purple. After all, there’s no age limit on fun!

And Beyond!

Finally, we want to reaffirm our belief that fabulous style has little to do with age. We need only take the example of Miley Cyrus who, in her mid-twenties, carries off a short-short “little boy” cut with aplomb, and Dame Judy Dench, whose equally short style fits her to a tee at age 83.

There are many others we could point to: Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren and Diane Sawyer all defy outdated standards of age-appropriate cuts. Jane Pauley, 67, recently adopted a new, short do, and Maria Shriver, at age 62, sports long locks that are the envy of many younger women.

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