Say Goodbye to Frizzy Hair!

At Paul Beaune NY Salon we hear the frustration a lot of women dealing with their hair on humid days. From “my hair won’t do anything” to “it’s a giant frizz ball”, women in Charlotte areexperiencing it all. But stress no more ladies, we are here to help! From products to services, our stylists can guide you in the best direction of managing your hair on those hot, humid days.

If you’re a no­fuss, “quick­fix” girl with limited time, let us introduce you to our Express Keratin Blowout that’s main target is eliminating frizz! This hour long treatment typically lasts 4 to 6 weeks depening on how often you shampoo & condition your hair. Now if you have curly, coarsehair this service would not benefit you the same as other hair types. But don’t worry we have a great treatment for you too!

For those that need a little more or for our curly, coarse hair ladies we have the perfect treatment for you, it’s our  Keratin/Brazilian Hair Treatment! This service will not only reduce frizz but will take out about 75% of your curl! Though this treatment does take longer, about 3 ­hours, the Keratin/Brazilian Hair Treatment does last around 4 to 6 months depending on how often yous hampoo & condition your hair.

We aim to provide top quality products for all of our services and choose to use Rejuvenol for these particular services. For guest that choose to color their hair, we recommended either receiving either the Express Keratin Blowout or the Keratin/Brazilian Hair Treatment the same day as your color or you will need to wait at least 2 weeks in­ between receiving these services. Our stylists highly recommend using the complimenting Rejuvenol shampoo & conditioner that we provide in the salon. By using these products our guests can feel assured that their service is guaranteed as well as continue to love their new & improved hair!

So ladies take the stress out of frizzy hair and book your treatment today!