Most of us have wondered which hairstyles would look best with our face shapes at one point or another. You may want to chop off your long locks that take twenty minutes to blow dry in exchange for a simple pixie cut, but you are leery about how well you will be able to pull off short hair with your round face. On the other hand, maybe you have a heart-shaped face and are looking for haircuts and styles that accentuate your chin instead of your forehead. If you are currently finding yourself in this dilemma, it may be time to consult one of the expert hair stylists at Paul Beauné NY Salon—one of the best hair salons in Charlotte, North Carolina. The team of stylists at our hair salon in Charlotte can help clear up any uncertainties that you may have about your next haircut or style, and if you are interested in learning about hairstyles for different face shapes beforehand, we have compiled some suggestions below.

Heart-Shaped Face

When thinking of hairstyles and haircuts for different face shapes, those who have heart-shaped faces often try to draw attention downward toward their chins. Creating hairstyles that highlight the lower parts of the face helps establish balance between a narrow chin and a wider forehead that is typical of a heart-shaped face.

One great hairstyle for your heart-shaped face is longer, side-swept bangs—or even just blunt, straight-across bangs. Our hair salon in Charlotte can help you achieve this look, which hides most of your forehead, and allows your cheekbones and eyes to take center stage.

Another fun way to style your hair when you have a heart-shaped face is by adding curls and volume toward the bottom of your shoulder-length tresses. Having a hairstyle that provides weight, volume, and dimension to the lower half of your locks helps balance out a characteristically wider forehead, and can even assist in highlighting your sharper facial features.

If you really want to accentuate your heart-shaped facial features, there is the always trusty pixie haircut. Although this hairstyle looks great on many different face shapes, those with heart-shaped faces can use the pixie cut’s fringe and layers to bring attention to the cheekbones.

Long Face

Next on our list of hairstyles for different face shapes are the styling suggestions for those with long faces. The main thing that you want to avoid when styling your hair with this face shape is highlighting your face’s length. Instead, you want to choose a haircut or style that shortens your face and provides balance by making your face appear slightly wider than it is in actuality.

How do you achieve this wider-faced look? The expert stylists at Paul Beaune, one of the best hair salons in Charlotte, NC, would recommend creating a lot of volume—think curls and backcombing—to add width to your face. By adding volume along the sides of your face, you create the illusion of a more balanced face shape and divert attention away from your face’s length.

Along with creating a more balanced profile by adding volume to your hair, the stylists at our Charlotte hair salon also recommend shoulder-length hair or a slightly shorter bob haircut for our clients with long faces. These two haircuts are great for those with long faces because unlike lengthy tresses, these shorter hairstyles do not unnecessarily elongate your facial features.

Oval Face

Perhaps the easiest face shape for hairstyling is the oval face. Whether you have long, short, curly, or pin-straight hair, the balanced, symmetrical oval face shape allows you to create plenty of fun hairdos that can perfectly match your desired style, and accentuate whichever facial features you choose.

When compiling our list of hairstyles for different face shapes, our expert stylists agreed that this face shape is the simplest in terms of creating many different, flattering looks. You can wear your long locks down or in a ponytail without adding any unnecessary length to your face, and you can even opt for tons of texture without drastically affecting the width of your face.

If you have an oval shape, the stylists at our Charlotte hair salon want you to know that you are in luck! Find a haircut or style that you love, and chances are that you can wear it, and wear it well.

Round Face

For those people who have round faces, there are a few hairstyling tips and tricks that you may want to use in order to balance your facial features. Round faces are typically wider than heart-shaped, long, and oval faces, and the hairstyles that we recommend help elongate the face instead of adding to its roundness and width.

One way to wear your hair when you have a round face is a long bob—better known as a lob. This versatile hairstyle gives your hair length without having too long of locks and allows you to add volume at the top, layers in the middle, or curls at the bottom to help elongate your face.

Along with these suggestions, the expert stylists at Paul Beaune, one of the best hair salons in Charlotte, NC, also recommend hairstyles that part on the side, or draw some of your hair diagonally across the top of your forehead. These hairstyles help balance round faces and also add a bit of length to the face.

Square Face

Last but not least on our list of hairstyles for different face shapes are those styles for square faces. People with square faces typically have accentuated jawlines, and desire to downplay this prominent feature.

If you have a square face, the stylists at our Charlotte hair salon recommend haircuts that give your locks textured ends in order to soften the face and jawline. Along with texturizing the ends, parting your hair on the side helps balance a square face, and prevents it from looking boxy.

Another tip that can help make your square face look rounder is to add lots of layers to your hair. However, chunky, blunt layers and other blunt haircuts like straight-across bangs may draw accentuate your jawline, so you should consider avoiding these styles.

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