Hair style is tricky for many reasons. For example, everyone wants a style that will help them stand out. But you don’t want to do something crazy and get the hair to match! That’s where the experts at Paul Beaune Beauty Salon come in. While we suggest letting us help with any specific hair styles or coloring, we’ve checked with the experts all around the world to bring you the very best hair tips and tricks. Keep reading to discover how your hair can help you stand out, all without sticking out!

Headband Without Heat

Many of us rely on heat to style our hair. But too much heat can damage and thin your hair. Plus, you don’t always have the time!

Instead, try popping a headband on shortly after your bath or shower. All you have to do is work your hair through the band and go to sleep. In the morning, release the band and be wowed at the results.

Your curls will look loose and healthy, with no damage from any kind of iron. As an added bonus, the time you saved will help you catch up on your sleep.

Focus on The Ends

Sometimes, the best hair tips and tricks aren’t about trying something brand new. Instead, they are about new ways of doing something familiar.

Fox example, most of us are tempted to condition our entire heads. However, this shampoo interacts with the natural oils in your hair, and this can create a greasy and unwanted look.

To fix this problem, focus on conditioning only the ends of your hair. These are the areas that aren’t likely to get much oil. Ultimately, this is a “win/win” for you: your hair will look better, and it will take you less time to get ready than it did before.

Dry Shampoo With a Twist

Dry shampoo sounds like such a good idea on paper. Skip the shower and get awesome hair. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, quite a bit!

The goal of using dry shampoo is to remove the nasty dirt and grease from your hair. However, if you simply put the shampoo in your hair and leave it there, you’re effectively leaving all of the dirt and grease.

Next time, blow your hair out with a dryer after using the dry shampoo. You’ll get rid of the unwanted dirt from your hair while making your hair look glamorously fresh.

A New Kind of Dry

How do you dry your hair? Unless you use a blow dryer, most people simply use a towel. However, this towel might actually be sabotaging some of the style you are going for.

Towels often have a rough texture to them. When you rub a textured towel into your hair really hard, you can end up damaging your hair (and maybe even your head).

One of the secret hair tips and tricks that will surprise you is to dry your hair using paper towels instead. By using paper towels to squeeze water out of your head, you can preserve the health and quality your hair after every shower.

Let Us Spray

Bobby pins are a great way to hold your hair in place. At least, they’re supposed to be. Sadly, these pins often end up sliding out throughout the day. Fortunately, there is a pretty easy fix for this problem!

The secret is to spray the bobby pins before you put them in your hair. Specifically, you need to spray them with dry shampoo or hairspray and let them dry (this should only take a couple of minutes) before putting them in your hair.

And just like that, you’ll have bobby pins that are much more likely to stay in place throughout the day.

Bangs First

If you’ve got a lot of hair, it can be tough to take care of it all. And sometimes, the best hair tips and tricks simply mean readjusting which parts you take care of first.

For example, you should try to focus on your bangs first. And by “first,” we mean that you start styling them as soon as you get out the shower.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort—just a bit of mousse and some blow drying. However, this can make a world of difference when it comes to the health and look of the bangs.

Waiting too long to style your bangs means they get frizzy, kinky, and otherwise out of control. But by focusing on the bangs first, you get a look that perfectly combines “sexy” with “stylish.”

The Toothbrush Hairbrush

There are many special hair tools in your bathroom. But did you know that one of them is actually your toothbrush?

Many hair problems are actually scalp problems. And by focusing on the hair instead, we are only addressing the symptoms instead of addressing the problems.

However, you can use an old (and dry) toothbrush to lightly tease your scalp. When done correctly, this gives your hair the special lift you were looking for.

Don’t forget to hang onto old toothbrushes so you can practice this tip all year long!

Cut Down on the Shampoo

We like to keep our hair tips and tricks simple when we can. Why spend a ton of money on technological solutions when you can make small changes instead?

Our favorite example of this is your shampoo habits. Long story short? You should probably shampoo your hair a lot less often.

Many people suffer from dry hair and try to fix this with a moisturizing shampoo. But if you wash your hair too often, you’re actually drying it out. This makes the problem worse instead of better!

Try to kick things off by only shampooing every other day. If you’re a once a day washer, you’ll be surprised at the big difference this makes!

Consult with Paul Beaune Experts for More Hair Tips and Tricks

While the tips and tricks mentioned in this article will give you a solid foundation for treating your hair, there is always more. Whether it be new hair trends or a fun new beauty hack, the hair experts at Paul Beaune in Charlotte, NC have you covered and can advise you on the next direction for your hair. For more of the best tips and tricks for your luxurious locks, visit our salon today!