Are you a novice at creating classic, funky, or fashionable hairstyles?  Are you wanting to improve your at-home hairstyling game?  Here are the techniques to help you style your hair like the professionals at the best hair salons in Charlotte.

The best hair salons in Charlotte “do” begins with having the correct brush

Having the right brush for the hairstyle seems like… duh!  Yet, it is often overlooked part of the process and can make all of the difference.  Below are some of the brush options that you should consider before you try to master that fresh, new style you saw in Vogue.

If you simply want to comb through your hair to avoid the frizzy “I woke up like this” hairdo, then these are the brushes you want to grab out of your drawer:

  • the paddle brush (which even comes in a purse-size version!)
  • the smoothing brush
  • the natural bristle paddle
  • the detangling brush

These four brushes are used by hair salons in Charlotte for the most basic day-to-day hairstyles.

Cleanup the static like the best hairstylists in Charlotte and use a professional hair brush.

Is your hair static-tastic?  Then the vent brush will be your best friend.  Use this brush on wet hair to speed up the drying process, or on dry hair to prevent static stick.

Want to add volume, layers, and definition to your “do” like the best hair salons in Charlotte?

Reach for these three brushes:

  • the medium bristle diagonal brush
  • the large mixed bristle brush
  • the teasing brush

The rounded bristle brushes are best used with wet hair while blow drying to add that extra va-va-voom to your hairstyle.  Once the hair is dry, you can use the teasing brush to create volume by brushing backward against the hair, and then gently shaping the volumized section of hair with your hands—or by (lightly) using a paddle brush.

Are you the type of girl who just can’t? And have to have a simple morning routine?

Get the salon look from the best hairstylists in Charlotte NC.

If that’s you, you may want to try using the blow-dry brush or the straightening brush.  The blow-dry brush speeds up the hair drying process while simultaneously brushing through your hair—saving you time on your simple hairstyles.  Along with the blow-dry brush, the straightening brush is a great tool for at-home and novice hairstylists because is straightens the hair while you are brushing through it.  And the best part:  it involves little coordination – yay!

Now that we have the brush basics down, do you want to create an up-do, or just help your hairstyle withstand the elements?  If so, you should be using bobby pins, and putting these pins in your hair with the wavy side facing your scalp.

Be effective like the best hairstylists in Charlotte with the bobby-pinning method

Placing the pins with the wavy side down will help the bobby pins stay in place better because the ridges grip your hair and lock everything in place.  If you are still having trouble with bobby pins do what the hair salons in Charlotte do:  coat them with a little bit of hairspray before using them.

Maybe you are aiming to create a curly or wavy hairstyle for your next business meeting or totally cute date night?  To get these hairstyles and have them hold throughout your event (very important part!), you have to make sure that you use the right type of curling iron.

Learn how to do your hair like the best hairstylists in Charlotte NC for your next date night!

3 different types of curling irons that the best hairstylists in Charlotte use to create flawless curls and waves

  • ceramic curling irons
  • tourmaline curling irons
  • titanium curling irons.

Ceramic curling irons cause minimal damage to the hair by using even heat distribution while the negative ions give the hair moisture—making your curls nice and smooth.

Tourmaline curling irons are used when you want your hair to be at its shiniest while curled.  These curling irons give off six times more negative ions than ceramic curling irons.

Titanium curling irons also provide even heat distribution across the hair being styled and prevents hair from sticking to the curling barrel while styling.

Make sure you're using the right curling iron like the best hairstylists in Charlotte.

Then, there are barrel sizes.  The best hair stylists in Charlotte choose from eight different curling iron barrels sizes ranging from 3/8” to 2”.  To achieve a tight curl, use curling irons with smaller barrels.  If you want a gentle, wavy curl, you should reach for curling irons with bigger barrel sizes.  Along with this, the shorter the hair you have, the smaller your curling iron barrel should be.

Once you have figured out which curling iron you need to create your style, the next step is learning how to use your curling iron to get the exact types of curls that you want.  You can either:

  • Take strands of your hair and use your hand to wrap the strands around the outside of the curling iron barrel.  This method is popular in hair salons in Charlotte, creating curls that the Victoria’s Secret Angels sport.
  • Pull your hair into a high ponytail and curl it, which will give you loose waves.
  • Clasp your curling iron near your hair’s roots and twirl your hair through the clamp for a standard-sized spiral.
  • Curl your hair away from your face in order to get more volume on your curls.

Another thing to remember when curling:  if you have fine hair, use a low heat setting around 200 degrees, and if you have normal hair, do not set the curling iron temperature above 300 degrees.

If you are trying to get rid of your naturally curly hair for the day, then you should break out your flat iron. Also known as hair straighteners, flat irons range in width from 1/2” to 2”. The best hair salons in Charlotte recommend using a ½” to 1” flat iron on shorter hair. If you have shoulder length to waist length hair, you can use anywhere from a 1-1/4” to 2” flat iron in order to get the best results. Again, be sure to keep the temperature under 300 degrees. Straighten your hair in layers, beginning with the under-layer of your hair, in order to maintain volume.

These four hairstyling tools are used by the best hair salons in Charlotte to create unique looks that you can mimic at home.  For more styling tips, consult these sources, or schedule an appointment with the best hairstylists in Charlotte at Paul Beauné NY Salon.